2023 World Championships

Wishing two of our very own, Michael Thompson and Alistair McMillan the best of luck, as they depart to compete in the World Benchrest Championships in France!

We are beyond proud of both Michael, competing in the A Team and Alistair competing in the C Team. What an accomplishment to represent Australia, fellas.

We will keep you all updated with results ?

Photo: Alistair, Michael and his lovely wife, Lauren.

2024 Range Fees

RANGE FEES Commencing the 1st of March 2024

SSAA Members                   Adult  $10

                                                Junior $5

P650                                      Adult $15

                                                Junior $10

            (Maximum 3 visits)

Annual Range Pass             Adult  $150

                                                Junior $75

            (Based on 15 visits per year at current rate)

Visitor                                    $25

            (Maximum 3 visits)

            (Licenced shooter but not an SSAA member)

Regards, Range Captain.

Your SSAA Email

We have received some enquiry chasing range opening times and the 2023 calendar, this was posted to all members via email in December 2022 so if you haven’t received anything chances are that your email needs updating.

Please take the few minutes it takes to do this so we can keep you all in the loop and it also saves the club posting a physical copy out should your email bounce.

To update just follow this link, it’s a very simple process.



The humble fitty (fifty) shown here front and back is a cracker note and one we prefer to keep wholly on our person lest she be broken and the balance disappears. But out at the range where Eftpos does not exist we keep no cash, so we have no float…that is a float for your change. So should you turn up with a fitty instead of a portion of a fitty (like the typical range fee of $10) then we reserve the right to keeping the balance as a donation….;0) with thanks.

Otherwise bring correct weight haha!!

Range fees are $5 per junior, $10 per adult and $15 per visitor, please bring correct money as we hold no money at the range.