Range Officers – clarification

There has been some confusion from members about who can and cannot be a range officer (R/O) at our range, and questions as to why an R/O from another branch cannot R/O at our range.


The answer is simple really, each separate range has what are called “Standing Orders” these are individual to each range and outline the rules of operation, FAR (Firearms Registry) also implies strict calibre, discipline conditions and range templates on each range, again these are unique to each range. With that in mind it would be difficult to expect an R/O from a different range to be converse with our rules and take command of the range, in fact its prohibited. In some cases an experienced R/O from another club can be called on to assist with the clearing of rifles etc but this would only occur under the direct supervision of the Range Captain at the time.

Coffs Harbour Range operations are run by what we call Key Holding R/O’s these people volunteer their time as Range Officers and are rostered on year to year, these are the only Range Officers who have access to the range so in order to shoot outside calendar shooting times you need to have a Key Holding Range Officer present, that officer will contact the committee prior to the day who will then post a shoot in progress notification on our website. There are no exceptions to this.

Anyone wishing to be an R/O can complete our training course followed by practical assessment over 3 shoots to qualify. Previous Range Officers wishing to transfer to our range may only need to attend a theory session depending on previous experience.

There is some more reading on this topic below on the SSAA NSW website. http://www.ssaansw.org.au/index.php/home-page-articles/320-range-officers

RANGE CLOSED – Rimfire Nationals this week

96663875From today the range will be closed to regular shooting as we are once again hosting the Australian National Rimfire titles, Wednesday the 8th is light rifle Thursday heavy rifle, Friday heavy rifle with IRB Saturday and Sunday.

Coffs SSAA welcomes shooters from all over Australia to our beautiful range good luck and good shooting.

Muzzle brake baffles

IMG_9608Shown here almost done, our new range baffles will be used to cushion some of the impact of shooters utilising muzzle brakes at the range, they are 70mm thick core filled insulation, these will be mandatory and placed either side of the shooter to minimise the effect on others using the range. When there are no muzzle brakes on the they could also be useful as a divider between rimfire and centerfire shooters they may help there as well.

Your range – things to remember.

So if you are a member of the SSAA and live around Coffs you are a member of our club as a member its your club so feel free to participate. Some things here below to remember.

  • If you are thinking of coming out for a shot check the calendar first, there may be a big competition on or it could be a practice day, don’t drive all the way out to find you can’t shoot you’re 30-30 because it a rimfire day, check first.
  • Everyone is welcome to club comps they are every Saturday and while there are usually dedicated target rifles shooting there are also hunting rifles, so it doesn’t matter what you shoot you can have some fun. Centerfire and rimfire days are separate and you CAN shoot off a bipod.
  • Our road is a shared road when you drive on the unsealed portion check your mirror, if theres dust rising you need to slow down, please respect the residents.
  • On arrival at the range you must leave you’re rifles in the car until you sign in, so lock the car go sign in and have your Firearms Licence checked, pay your range fee then you can get the firearms out. You cannot bring a firearm onto the range until the Range Officer knows you are licensed.
  • Calendar shoot times are when the shooting actually starts, Rimfire Club Comps start at 11am and Centerfire at 12:30pm don’t arrive at those times you’ll be too late, get there early like an hour so you have time to prepare your targets and your bench before the shoot starts.
  • Help put flags out and bring them in, don’t leave the range without bringing your targets in and helping to pack up, the Range Officers are there for shooter safety and to run the shoots not to run around after people.
  • Its your club, if you see something that needs doing do it, empty the bin. Do the washing up, clean the toilet, mow the grass or mop the floor. No one gets paid here anything that gets done is done this way just by someone going and doing it.

We have over 600 members now our club is flourishing our the range is one of the best in the country and many hands make light work for all. Have fun and enjoy your shooting.