2016 National Hunter Championships

SSAA Coffs Harbour is proud to host this years Hunter Nats, practice starts today and we would like to wish all competitors the best of luck over the weekend and early into next week.

Please note as a result the range will be closed to public shooting this weekend the 17th and 18th of September 2016 you are of course welcome to come watch the competition.

Range Restrictions back in place – FORESTRY

Our range template falls onto State Forest from Monday the 15th of August 2016 Forestry will be working in parts of this area unfortunately this mean we are restricted to rimfire .22LR shooting only on weekdays until further notice, works are expected to continue probably until Christmas.

No Centerfire shooting weekdays.

Windy windy 50m group

With winds gusting in excess of 100 kilometres an hour (well thats what it felt like) leaves IMG_8192were flying everywhere towels and ammunition was blown from benches, so Steve decided best to bring out the tissues, mounting them front and centre on the wailing wall.

Jacko opened nicely with a .208 which turned out to be the smallest group of the day. Despite conditions it turned out to be a very tight race for the top 3.

For all the results click HERE