Waiting on a PTA?

Look to the right under the “JOIN HERE” link and you’ll find a new link to the NSW Firearms registry page, follow the link enter your licence number and your current licence and PTA status will be displayed.

This is a photo of the link….dont click here haha

Firearms Safety Training $50

Firearms Safety Training is the first step in obtaining your firearms licence and is required as part of your application by NSW Police Firearms Registry.

Your course includes the following:

  • Explanation of firearms categories
  • Explanation of various genuine reasons
  • An overview of the online application process
  • A video tutorial in firearms use and handling
  • An introduction to our firing range, its use and procedures
  • A practical demonstration of how to operate a bolt action rifle
  • Whats the difference between Rimfire and centerfire?
  • Practical advice on where to start and what to buy first.
  • A live firing session where you get to shoot and learn the basics

If the course you are looking at doesn’t offer all of this why pay more? Also twenty five dollars of every adult course goes back into the range further supporting a great facility and local sport shooting in general.

If you are keen to know more or just want to DO IT before our next Covid lockdown, via the contact us page. HERE.

Private courses also available.

Come Shooting!

The range is back in use, we are still limited to every second bench, members only and one hour timeslot. But otherwise we are open per the calendar. Wednesday 9am till midday, Sunday 9am till midday and Saturdays are club comp days. Check the calendar for variations.

Annual Shooting Pass $150

Members can purchase an Annual Range Pass for $150 so if you find yourself out at the range more often than not it may be worth looking into. See the Range Officer on duty if you wish to purchase a pass.

Almost back

While we are thankfully open some restrictions remain in place, these are due to the 1.5m social distance and the 4 square meter regulations. For now we can’t offer try shooting or accomodate any P650 (unlicenced) shooters and we can only have 10 shooters on the firing line at a time for a limited one hour session.

We would like to thank all of our members for their understanding and hope to see you on the range soon.