2016 SSAA NSW Hunter Championships

SSAA NSW Hunter Championships held at Coffs Harbour from the 21-24 May, 2016.
Once again the rain held off and the wind only blew in the afternoons making for some excellent Competition and scores over the four days.
Special mention must be made for the Juniors who attended this shoot and really excelled.




13 yo Zanthie Bailey won the 100yds Heavy Rimfire with a near prefect score of 250.7, she finished 14th overall in the HR, this only her 2nd major shoot.





P5220352-9Mel Frost (centre) was the top junior with a perfect 250.14 in the 50 m and 248.7 in the 100yds placing 10th overall. Local junior Jeremy Hannaford (1st from left) was 2nd with 248.16
and 249.5 placed 17th overall. Karl Simpson (far left) was 3rd with 246.8 and 247.2.


Well done to all the juniors who participated.

Local shooters who performed well
were Gary Hunt who won Silver in the 200yds Heavy Centrefire and Wayne Munro
who placed 6th overall in the HC. Several Australian records were broken at this shoot
Norm Bardell 50 and 100 LRF with 499.16 dropping just one shot. Rimfire 2-gun:
Norm Bardell 998.40 dropping 2 shots overall. Darren Parsons in the HCF 200:
250.16 and in HCF 100/200 a perfect 500.37. LCF/HCF Ken Eppleston with 998.52.
Well done to all those guys.
Top ten LR: Norm Bardell 499.16. Steve Blaine 498.19. Ben West 497.16.
Bill Jupp 497.15. Neville Kime 497.15. Glenn Seaman 497.15. Kerry Moore 497.11.
Ean Parsons 496.15. Paul Sullivan 495.16. Neil Digweed 494.15.
Top ten HR: Ray Fuller 500.17. Ben West 500.15. Norm Bardell 499.24.
Neil Digweed 499.20. Don Powell 499.18. Bill Jupp 499.18. Glenn Seaman 499.17.
Trevor Whittaker 499.17. Steve Blaine 499.13. Mel Frost Jnr 498.21.
Top ten LC: Paul Sullivan 498.24. Ken Eppleston 498.20. Neville Kime 494.22.
Steve Blaine 493.21. Ean Parsons 491.17. Keith Smith 491.10. Peter Duncan 487.12.
Don Powell 483.13. Bill Jupp 483.9. Trevor Whittaker 479.10.
Top ten HC: Darren Parsons 500.37. Ken Eppleston 500.32. Kerry Moore 500.27.
Don Powell 500.22. Karl Kuehn 500.17. Wayne Munro 500.15. Pater Duncan 499.29.
Ean Parsons 499.22. Keith Smith 499.18. Steve Blaine 498.20. Overall top 3 placings:
LRF 50: Richard Powell 250.14. Norm Bardell 250.14. Peter Haberecht 250.12.
LRF 100: Steve Blaine 249.6. Ean Parsons 249.4. Norm Bardell 249.2.
50 and 100 LRF: Norm Bardell 499.16. Steve Blaine 498.19. Ben West 497.16.
HR 50: Norm Bardell 250.17. John Matthews 250.17. Neil Digweed 250.16.
HR 100: Zanthie Bailey Jnr 250.7. Ray Fuller 250.4. Richard Powell 250.4.
HR 50/100: Ray Fuller 500.17. Ben West 500.15. Norm Bardell 499.24.
HR 2-gun: Norm Bardell 998.40. Steve Blaine 997.32. Ben West 997.31.
Juniors: Mel Frost 498.21. Jeremy Hannaford 497.21. Karl Simpson 493.10.
LCF 100: Steve Blaine 250.18. Ken Eppleston 250.13. Don Powell 250.13.
LCF 200: Paul Sullivan 249.8. Ken Eppleston 248.7. Neville Kime 246.8.
LCF 100/200: Paul Sullivan 498.24. Ken Eppleston 498.20. Neville Kime 494.22.
HCF 100: Paul Sullivan 250.24. Ken Eppleston 250.23. Darren Parsons 250.21.
HCF 200: Darren Parsons 250.16. Gary Hunt 250.10. Kerry Moore 250.10.
HCF 100/200: Darren Parsons 500.37. Ken Eppleston 500.32. Kerry Moore 500.27.
LCF/HCF 2-gun: Ken Eppleston 998.52. Paul Sullivan 994.54. Steve Blaine 991.41.
LRF/LCF 2-gun: Paul Sullivan 993.40. Steve Blaine 991.40. Neville Kime 991.37.
HRF/HCF 2-gun: Don Powell 999.40. Steve Blaine 997.33. Kerry Moore 996.44.
4gun: Steve Blaine 1988.73. Paul Sullivan 1985.84. Neville Kime 1981.77.
A big thank you to all our volunteers over the 4 days without them these shoots
would not take place.

2016 Northern NSW Interclub IRB

Nominations are now open for this years shoot see below.
Sun 17th April 2015   8.00 am Start
Practice + flag placement available Saturday the 16th from 9:30am

Northern NSW interclub IRB Nomination form



Range closure 2016 Rimfire Nationals

NSW-Rimfire-Benchrest-and-IRB-State-Titles3With the rimfire Nationals this weekend the range will be closed for general use for Nationals practice this starts on Tuesday the 16th of February and the range will be back to business as usual from Monday the 22nd of February 2016.
Be sure and prey for a bit of wind just to make it interesting! ;0)

Extra volunteers are still needed for competition days please if you can spare a few hours.


Most of our members know Ray Munro AKA “Grumpy” he has great involvement in our cub and our community and works toward improved accessibility for all. Ray met up with young Josh at our local skate park, Josh who was here trialling a new wheelchair designed specifically for use in skate parks.

Josh 1

“I met Josh and his mum (Abbi) n dad (Morgan) on their way home to Gold Coast Josh had just spent a huge week in Sydney at the mega skate park and then at the Wheelchair Sports NSW kids Christmas Camp. They stopped off in Coffs for a night and after talking to me decided to have a go on our new park. It was very nice to hear that we have one of the most accessible skate parks on the east coast. Regards, Grumpy”

Josh 2




I am pretty sure Grumpy can’t do a head stand in his wheelchair!