Dear Coffs SSAA members, as of now our range is closed for all regular shooting activities, we will not be operating until further notice.

This will be a good opportunity for the club to make repairs after the recent storm damage.

Those with concerns about attendances can contact the NSW Firearms Registry by email who will assess each on a case by case basis. Given that so far in 2020 we have had closures due to Fire, closures due to storm damage and now closure due to a Pandemic I would think that most members will have a reasonable argument. Do keep in mind though that the range was also available much of the time from March 2019.

Thanks for supporting your club and watch this space for any updates as we move through this testing time.

Let’s hope the sun rises soon on a better day.

Check in HERE

Coffs Harbour SSAA range is still operational, please check in here on this site if you have any questions. Any and all changes to the range operations/OPEN and CLOSURES will be posted here as soon as is possible.

State Score (Hunter) Results

Results are in after another great weekend shooting at Coffs despite a bit of rain. Daily results are below, apologies but I didn’t get the two and 4 gun results but will post as soon as available.

Light Rimfire click HERE

Heavy Rimfire click HERE

Light Centerfire click HERE

Heavy Centerfire click HERE


The humble fitty (fifty) shown here front and back is a cracker note and one we prefer to keep wholly on our person lest she be broken and the balance disappears. But out at the range where Eftpos does not exist we keep no cash, so we have no float…that is a float for your change. So should you turn up with a fitty instead of a portion of a fitty (like the typical range fee of $10) then we reserve the right to keeping the balance as a donation….;0) with thanks.

Otherwise bring correct weight haha!!

Range fees are $5 per junior, $10 per adult and $15 per visitor, please bring correct money as we hold no money at the range.


Strikes me a bit that almost 10% of this website hits are generated from the US, I have just been peeking at the counter stats, how many and where they come from and that’s a surprise. So if you’re from another country, you find this site and you read this, let’s assume your’e a shooter, so why not send a message on the contacts tab and go from there, be bloody good to hear from you.

In the last week we have had visitors from Chicago, Tulsa, Mountain View, Lewes and Pittsburgh, just say gidday mate.

OH and Merry Christmas.