Bellingen SSAA Branch notice

Hello Members,

Our next shoot is next Sunday 25th November from 12 Midday when we shoot round four of R Davis Shield. This is a light barrel event only no heavy barrel rifles allowed

This will be followed by some rabbit and cat targets and centrefire sighting in if required

Our Christmas shoot this year is on 16th December and will be well worth attending, we have a ham for 1st prize, a frozen chook for 2nd prize and a packet of CCi Target ammunition for 3rd Prize

Christmas Shoot Sunday December 16     12 Mid Day

Rimfire 5 shots at 50 metres and 5 shots at 100 metres followed by

2 shots of a 303, 1 at 100 metres and one shot at 200metres

5 shots of your centrefire at 100 metres and 5 shots at 200 metres

There will be a free sausage BBQ before shooting

Mark the date in your calendar now as it gets insanely busy at that time of the year and come along for a great day and help support your club


Tony Heidemann


Bellingen Branch SSAA

Range improvement works – CLOSURE

The Range will be open next Wednesday the 7th of November as normal, but will be closed the following week 12th to 16th to all shooting Monday to Friday. Due to increased demand we are increasing our benches from 15 to 20, initially the concrete benches will be replaced then target frames will follow at 50/100 and 200 distances.

Some benches will be closed from time to time if they don’t comply with range template conditions or where structure has not been relocated. These benches will obvious and we ask that members be patient during the transaction time while we make more room.

Determining Twist Rate

Lately I have read a few comments here and there shooters not sure of the twist rate of their rifle. Heres some photos and a quick guide to check or confirm the twist rate of your barrel which is pretty vital information when it comes to choosing projectile weight.



Set the rifle in a rest and push a cleaning rod from the muzzle end with a cleaning brush or tight mop, if your fussy you can start at the breech end but its more fiddly.







Push the rod right through out the other side of the action and then draw it back into the barrel so the brush is past the chamber.







Stop there and wrap a piece of masking tape around the rod with the ends of the tape sticking straight up at 12 O’clock.










Continue to draw the rod out holding the barrel in your spare hand while the rod and tape rotates 360 degrees so once again the tape is at the 12 O’clock position, straight up.

Then measure the distance from the muzzle to the start of the tape, in this case its 16″ so this CZ has a 1 in 16 twist. Meaning the rifling rotates one full turn in a distance of 16 inches.



Coffs Harbour Branch Training Officer.

Defibrillator Training

Hi Members, anyone interested in defibrillator training is invited to attend the range on Sunday the 14th of October 2018 at 10am. This service is provided at no charge, please advise by reply here if you intend to attend. ;0)