New rifle, should I run it in?

Here’s some logic straight from Krieger …….


With any premium barrel that has been finish lapped — such as your Krieger Barrel –, the lay or direction of the finish is in the direction of the bullet travel, so fouling is minimal compared to a barrel with internal tooling marks. This is true of any properly finish-lapped barrel regardless of how it is rifled. If it is not finish-lapped, there will be reamer marks left in the bore that are directly across the direction of the bullet travel. This occurs even in a button-rifled barrel as the button cannot completely iron out these reamer marks.

Because the lay of the finish is in the direction of the bullet travel, very little is done to the bore during break-in, but the throat is another story. When your barrel is chambered, by necessity there are reamer marks left in the throat that are across the lands, i.e. across the direction of the bullet travel. In a new barrel they are very distinct; much like the teeth on a very fine file.

When the bullet is forced into the throat, copper dust is removed from the jacket material and released into the gas which at this temperature and pressure is actually a plasma. The copper dust is vaporized in this plasma and is carried down the barrel. As the gas expands and cools, the copper comes out of suspension and is deposited in the bore. This makes it appear as if the source of the fouling is the bore when it is actually for the most part the new throat.

If this copper is allowed to stay in the bore, and subsequent bullets and deposits are fired over it, copper which adheres well to itself, will build up quickly and may be difficult to remove later. So when we break in a barrel, our goal is to get the throat “polished without allowing copper to build up in the bore. This is the reasoning for the fire-one-shot-and-clean procedure.

Every barrel will vary slightly in how many rounds they take to break in For example a chrome moly barrel may take longer to break in than stainless steel because it is more abrasion resistant even though it is a similar hardness. Also chrome moly has a little more of an affinity for copper than stainless steel so it will usually show a little more color if you are using a chemical cleaner. Rim Fire barrels can take an extremely long time to break in, sometimes requiring several hundred rounds or more. But cleaning can be lengthened to every 25-50 rounds. The break-in procedure and the cleaning procedure are really the same except for the frequency. Remember the goal is to get or keep the barrel clean while breaking in the throat with bullets being fired over it.

Finally, the best way to tell if the barrel is broken in is to observe the patches; i.e. when the fouling is reduced. This is better than some set number of cycles of shoot and clean as many owners report practically no fouling after the first few shots, and more break-in would be pointless. Conversely, if more is required, a set number would not address that either. Besides, cleaning is not a completely benign procedure so it should be done carefully and no more than necessary.

Collectors/Swap Meet

Sunday the 15th is the last gazetted Collectors meeting for the year, this is an informal meeting where our collectors can meet up. Any member can join in and or bring something shooting related to sell, buy or swap, just set up on a table in the reloading area to peddle your wares. Please remember any firearms or ammunition transfers can only be handled via a Firearms dealer. Have a great weekend.

Bananacoast Centerfire 2019

Day two has been run and won with some great results from local shooters with Michael Thompson winning the 200yd heavy he placed 3rd overall in the heavy gun and “new” local Barry Warwick placing 4th in the heavy. Heavy Barrel results are HERE.

Barry and Michael switched places in the overall 2 gun results with Barry placing 5th and Michael 6th full results HERE.

A special mention to junior Xanthie Bailey (17) who shot the 100yd heavy best small group a .140 in this company is pretty awesome.

Bananacoast Centerfire Championships

Coffs Harbour SSAA will be hosting the Bananacoast Centerfire Championships over the weekend 17th and 18th of August 2019, the range will not be available to members and visitors for casual shooting during this period. We would like to extend a warm welcome to all those shooters competing in this event, good luck.

Chris the IT guy

So I met Chris and his wife Bec when they attended their firearms safety training, later they both became Range Officers and dedicated volunteers for our club, I didn’t know it then but Chris is a bit of an computer guru dude, to say he is a Super Geek would have been correct up until recently when after 15 years as a real Super Geek he became Super IT Solutions he is mobile, local, a shooter and can make it so your computer behaves itself for a change, he is a club member and a Range Officer so if you need a guy to help with the stuff that makes you wanna pull hair when you just want to share a photo on your laptop give him a call. Let him know you are an SSAA Coffs Harbour member too …. Chris the IT guy 13 86 26

Midday Rimfire

Hi Gang,

This Sundays Midday Rimfire session 18th July 2019 is cancelled sorry due to half of our range officers out for First Aid training, I hope to hold a make-up shoot in the coming weeks if I can get some range officers keen.