Range improvement works – CLOSURE

The Range will be open next Wednesday the 7th of November as normal, but will be closed the following week 12th to 16th to all shooting Monday to Friday. Due to increased demand we are increasing our benches from 15 to 20, initially the concrete benches will be replaced then target frames will follow at 50/100 and 200 distances.

Some benches will be closed from time to time if they don’t comply with range template conditions or where structure has not been relocated. These benches will obvious and we ask that members be patient during the transaction time while we make more room.

Determining Twist Rate

Lately I have read a few comments here and there shooters not sure of the twist rate of their rifle. Heres some photos and a quick guide to check or confirm the twist rate of your barrel which is pretty vital information when it comes to choosing projectile weight.



Set the rifle in a rest and push a cleaning rod from the muzzle end with a cleaning brush or tight mop, if your fussy you can start at the breech end but its more fiddly.







Push the rod right through out the other side of the action and then draw it back into the barrel so the brush is past the chamber.







Stop there and wrap a piece of masking tape around the rod with the ends of the tape sticking straight up at 12 O’clock.










Continue to draw the rod out holding the barrel in your spare hand while the rod and tape rotates 360 degrees so once again the tape is at the 12 O’clock position, straight up.

Then measure the distance from the muzzle to the start of the tape, in this case its 16″ so this CZ has a 1 in 16 twist. Meaning the rifling rotates one full turn in a distance of 16 inches.



Coffs Harbour Branch Training Officer.

Range CLOSED this weekend

Gang the National Hunter Championships has been moved.
The range will be unavailable 8th 9th 10th and 11th of September for this National Event.

This will also mean the Collectors meeting will be moved to the 16th of September.

Coffs Gun Club (Clays) are holding a farmers shoot fundraiser.


We are holding a fun shoot day for the farmers on our Multi Discipline day Saturday 25th August

There is no competition but a good day of comraderie knowing the money goes to Australian families struggling with the drought

All money collected on the day will go to Rural Aid for their distribution to the needy

The club will be providing clays, lunch etc so there is no costs and all income is donated. (Rural Aid are able to get the funds to farmers and families with the personal side of the problems)

Members and visitors are able to give more than shoot fees if they wish knowing that all the funds will be used in the donation (if you would like to give more and only shoot a couple of rounds your total goes the cause)

The program is

–          skeet, DTL, and simple 5 stand (easy targets for the fun side)

–          No competition just a fun day

–          We will have some different coloured targets so lucky shooters can win a bottle of wine

–      A raffle will be under way with prizes of 6 meat trays

–      Shoot any discipline you wish and as many rounds as you like



Our times for the day are

–          Set up 10.30

–          Shoot 11.00

–          Lunch break 12.30 to 1.30

–          Continue till say 3.30 to 4.00

–      raffle draws

–      after shoot comraderie and drinks


Shoot costs are our standard $10 per 25 targets

If you have friends or visitors who may wish to attend we are able to cater for unlicensed shooters (P650) and if sufficient we could run full squads

BBQ lunch of steak, sausage and salad will be available to purchase with all proceeds and no cost deductions again going to the donation fund

A raffle will be under way with prizes of 6 meat trays

Joanne and George are donating 12 bottles of wine for the novelty prizes
We would like to see as many members and visitors as possible attend the worthy cause and show support as well as a fun day with fellow members