Strikes me a bit that almost 10% of this website hits are generated from the US, I have just been peeking at the counter stats, how many and where they come from and that’s a surprise. So if you’re from another country, you find this site and you read this, let’s assume your’e a shooter, so why not send a message on the contacts tab and go from there, be bloody good to hear from you.

In the last week we have had visitors from Chicago, Tulsa, Mountain View, Lewes and Pittsburgh, just say gidday mate.

OH and Merry Christmas.

Range OPEN

The range is now open for business as usual, Saturday will be Heavy Centerfire 100m and Sunday general target practice till midday followed by rimfire silhouettes.


Click the link to watch the video.

Here are the results from our last Silhouette shoot in no particular order:

Spud 32, Mia 27, Tahlia 19, Beau 10, Knighty 39, Andrew 29, Steve 27, Paris 19, Mikayla 13 and Mark 22.

The next Silhouette shoot will be pushed back a week to the 17th of November 2019 at midday. Credit to Spud and his drone for the vid.