Sighting In

Sometimes with new gear we can have issues getting sighted in or even getting our shots onto paper, here (below link) is a short video showing a simple method to get onto target and sighted in. If you have a problem at range or perhaps your shoots are hitting the steel frame then just put your hand up and one of our R/O’s will help you out. The steel frames are expensive to repair so please try to look after them, its your range too.

How to measure your group

A 5 shot group is the best way to measure accuracy, benchresters compete in “group” competitions and hunters throw a group up range to test their ammo or new loads. Groups are measured across the widest point so the two bullet holes the furthest apart, when its close two ways the scorer will mark the direction he measured as being the largest. I have made a quick video in the link below to show how we accurately measure a group in a competition. This method uses a custom set of verniers but you can get close enough results with standard verniers and measuring left edge to left edge, its a bit easier that trying to locate the centre of a bullet hole.

I think the current Aussie record for a 5 shot heavy centerfire group is 0.058″ which pretty much looks like one hole.

Measuring a group




Shooting Swap Meet/ Collectors Meeting

Happy New Year to all of our members and welcome to 2018.

Sunday the 21st see’s the first of calendar Collectors Meeting/Swap Meets for the year. We are trialling these in 2018 and will run another in May and again in September. If you are a Collector you can use this opportunity to meet and talk to other collectors and perhaps show off some of your favourites. If your sick of that extra powder thrower in the reloading area bring it out and put a price on it, in fact bring anything shooting or re-loading related and swap it or sell it.

At this point we have no idea how many people will turn up but the more the merrier.

Please remember any firearms or firearms parts sales must be completed by a licensed dealer.

Christmas eve and 2018 info

its 9:30pm and I am in Perth with my family visiting my daughter for Christmas, its been a big day but I’m not tired ,….yet!

…anyway I thought of all of the Coffs members and how well the club has progressed.

Your AGM is soon in the new year and the 2018 calendar has been delivered but I’ll post a copy on your site you can access it from your phone. Theres a letter also from Rod our tireless president and the formal notice of AGM.

PS there will be an announcement at the 2018 AGM.

2018 calendar
Presidents Letter
2018 Notice of AGM 

See you all in the new year happy and safe shooting ;0)

Christmas Closure

The range is now closed for Christmas so our hard working volunteers can take a break and will re-open on the 13th of January, a 2018 calendar will be posted to all Coffs branch members in due course and if any Range Officers open the range over Christmas I will post it here. Have a great Christmas and we will see you at the range in 2018.

Update, the range will be open Sunday the 17th and Tuesday 19th Dec 9 am till 11am.

Vale Nick Catlan

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Nick his witty sense of humour will echo along the firing lines forever, his funeral details will be posted here when confirmed.


Humidity is a bitch

So I think we are all happy to see a bit of rain and “rainy weather” this time of year the humidity skyrockets and when it does it’s time to check the safe, get them out give them a clean and re-oil top up or check what ever systems you use to try to keep them looking their best cause one one likes a rusty barrel.