Test Yourself

How is your gear going? Are you happy with your current rifles or when you think about it does each have some sort of issue you want to work on? I have a few rifles that I need to develop loads for and a couple of rimfire .22’s I need to find ammo for and perhaps tune a bit. Recently I was asked to shoot a friends rifle to see if it was shooting OK, this surprised me a bit but when I thought about it I realised the guy wanted to take himself out of the equation, so he wasn’t 100% sure with his new rifle. This got me thinking maybe we all should test ourselves by doing something similar, maybe take a friends tested and tried rifle/ammo/load combination and seeing how we go. Most of us would have already experienced someone else shooting brilliantly and outshooting us with our own rifles. I certainly have and it made me realise that I don’t have to spend any more money I just need to find the relationship between myself, my rifle and my ammo and make it work.

Remember when you are conducting a test to be consistent so pick the day, put some flags up so you know the conditions, and shoot at least three five shot groups, five if you have time because thats what is used in competition for a comparative measure.

The worst case scenario is that you spent the morning shooting ;0)