North East Hunting Club

To all members of SSAA Coffs Harbour Branch.

On 5/12/2018 before our scheduled Committee meeting your Committee met with 3 Committee members of the NE Hunting Club. We had previously sent them an email and letter listing our concerns with them continuing using SSAA Dairyville range.

The main bone of contention and reason agreement could not be reached was that they could not guarantee their membership would agree to join the SSAA. We have a Branch rule that after 3 visits a person must apply to join the SSAA this also applies to P650’s, after 3 visits a person must apply for a shooting licence.

The main reason for your Committee terminating NE Hunting Club using our range was our members pay $90 to be a member of SSAA, if they visit the range 3 times during the year it costs that member $120, on the other hand a non SSAA member from NE Hunting Club only pays $30 for the same privilege, this did not sit well with your Committee, we continually work hard to improve all the conditions for our membership at Dairyville range and we could not let a situation continue that disadvantaged our members.

All the improvements at the range are the result of our members being paid up SSAA members and the range fees paid when visiting the range. I hope this clears up some misconceptions regarding the reason for NE Hunting Club no longer shooting at Dairyville, no way did they get kicked off our range.

Our membership comes first everytime. The members of NEHC who are SSAA members can still attend on Wednesdays and Sundays between the hours of 9 am and 12 midday. 

President CH SSAA