Range Development 2018 #3

With all of the old piers gone we had a clean slate, helpers here shown moving the blocks along the line to take some load of our bricklayers.

Liam, Ian, Rod and Alan all hard at it.

Next the bench positions were marked and holes drilled in the slab to support 16mm reo bars which where them chem-set (glued) into place.

look how straight they all are…

Everything was ready for our bricklayers who made short work of levelling everything out and standing all 60 piers, a big thanks to Dean at Lipo’s bricklaying who provided great rates then backed up and donated a day to help us place the bench tops.

Looking good boys.
well on the way.

The new pier tops are level east west and north south, providing a solid foundation for the 20 new benches.

straight and true.

Next the bench tops were man handled into position, each sits on a bed of mortar to hold it in place and aid in levelling.

Thanks to Peter for the use of his engine lifter that made handling the 250kg bench tops workable.
20 benches.

With a very positive growth in club members the extra 5 benches will make it quicker to get a shot on busy days, it also helps the club with State and National shoots which are wonderful events to host.

During this entire process the range was only unavailable to members for 3 hours, one Wednesday morning.

More work to come still many posts needed to be moved and with 20 benches you need 20 targets so new target frame and foundations came next.