Important UPDATE Posted 10/9/21 Range to Open 15/9/21

Hi Folks exciting news….due to the current Coffs Harbour lockdown restrictions being eased the range will re-open on Wednesday 15/9/2021 and resume activities with some restrictions still in place.

Restrictions include 2sqm distancing rule outside, so no congregating will be allowed, masks will be mandatory and the Covid screens must be used.

The Range will open from 9am to 12noon on the 15/9/2021 and will then follow the range Calendar pending further updates.

RO’s Please check the calendar to ensure you are aware of the roster, We appreciate the support of our RO’s as well as all of our members and look forward to seeing you at the range. Please continue to follow the Covid guidelines and look out for each other.

Be Safe and check here for further updates.