Rifle Cleaning Procedure

Everyone has their own method of cleaning their rifle here is a method loosely based on what current popular barrel manufacturers recommend.

Technique is important when using your cleaning rod, ensure good alignment with the bore or use a bore guide, and try to use smooth consistent forward strokes. Scrubbing back and forth or pulling the brush back through the barrel will only do damage, leading barrel makers like Bartlein and Krieger ask that you remove the brush after exiting the crown, never drag the brush back through.

Rimfire rifle – lead bullets.

  • Push¬†one or 2 dry patches through to remove loose powder fouling, let each patch fall out the end of the barrel.
  • Push a wet patch through with your preferred solvent (bore tech rimfire blend) and allow to soak for a couple of minutes.
  • Apply solvent to a nylon brush and stroke forward through the bore 3-6 times, ensuring the brush extends right out of the breech and crown each time.
  • Patch the bore again until the patches come out clean
  • if storing the rifle run a lightly oiled patch through for corrosion protection.

Centerfire/Rimfire rifle – copper coated/jacketed bullets

  • Follow a similar method as described above to remove the carbon and then repeat using a copper solvent allowing it time to soak and react to remove the copper fouling.