Try Shooting

Diana and Neil

Try target shooting at our Dairyville range,
it’s safe, fun and unique even if you have never
handled a rifle before!
We have purchased a Savage 22 rimfire rifle and for just $25 you can give shooting a try. 25 shots onto a hunter target at 50 metres, we’ll then show you how to score your target.

You will be shown how to handle the rifle and under full supervision of a Qualified Range Officer during your experience. You do need to be over 12 years old and if your under 18 you will need the supervision of a parent or guardian.
To make a booking, complete a Firearms Safety Course or ask a question use our contact page HERE leave
your number and we’ll give you a call.

The range will be in use for Try Shooting from 9am – 12noon on Thursday the 29th Dec 2022.