Template Zone

Shoot times and dates for Coffs Harbour SSAA Dairyville range are notified on this page, generally there is a shoot Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

Check here for unscheduled shoots:

The range will be in use on Friday the 17th of November and Tuesday the 12th December 2023 

NSW Police Firearms Registry imposed new NATO Template Zones, these extended far beyond any previous. Before entering a template zone it is important that you check that a shoot is not in progress.

To put this in perspective please see the images below, the yellow line shows the approximate length of the 200yard range and the blue line marks the very top of the ridge behind the shooting range.

Range Template 3k 200y

Range east view 200y

NSW Forestry have issued an occupational permit to SSAA Coffs Harbour for the template area, signs have been placed around the template at logical place on ingress, sign placement is shown as a red dot on the map below.

Template sign placement.