Firearm Safety and obtaining your Licence

Licensing – help getting your licence, the short version.

Firstly you don’t need a licence to try shooting, if you just want to see what it’s like without all of the red tape give us a call and TRY SHOOTING for just $25, you can use our club rifle and ammunition, range fees and targets are included, you will need to bring current ID and complete a simple form and one of our range officers will take it from there.

Our Licence testers are:

Danny Rosewood 0417661171

Ian Thompson 0499212260

Trevor Gardiner 0447307660

Aaron Parker 0418243109

Andrew Beardsley 0401189675

R Licence:

John Ball 0418228663

Licensing is basically a 3 part process:

1) Genuine reason, you will need to show a genuine reason for owning a firearm, and there are many ranging from Target Shooting (which simply requires Membership of a club or organisation like the SSAA) to primary production and feral animal control. You will need to state your genuine reason when you request your application form. To join the SSAA go here

2) Go online or Contact NSW Police firearms registry and request an application form, this will be posted to you. If you cant locate it let us know we will help.

3) Safety course, this can be done at any time, you simply book in at the range to complete your Firearms Safety course, one of our trainers will run you through all you need to know and then test you at the end, and if you pass the trainer will complete his part of your application. You then send the completed form off to the Firearms registry for approval.

You can view the SSAA safety video here below

More detailed information is available via our contact us page, leave a message with your phone number and one of our trainers will give you a call.