Calendar for 2022

Hi gang, given the instability going around, our State and National associates are experiencing delays in confirming shoot dates, these dates effect our calendar and we simply cannot release a calendar until these are set, but we can give you January 2022. See below.

We trust this helps plan future shoots. Have a merry and safe Christmas and see you out there in 2022.

Christmas Closure Dates

The last shoot day of the year is Sunday December the 19th, the range will re open on January the 8th 2022 for rimfire group competition and January the 9th for general practice.

Merry Christmas everyone.


Please note this is an NSW GOVERNMENT requirement not SSAA.

From today anyone attending the range must have at least one vaccination,(Including RO’s).

From November 1st only Members and RO’s with 2 vaccinations will be allowed to attend the range.

From December 1st these restrictions may change.

We are sorry for any inconvenience to non vaccinated member’s, but this is a State Government requirement and if we do not comply, the range could be shutdown Permanently. Thanking you for your patience and understanding with these new Rules,


Rod Madeley (President)

Important UPDATE Posted 10/9/21 Range to Open 15/9/21

Hi Folks exciting news….due to the current Coffs Harbour lockdown restrictions being eased the range will re-open on Wednesday 15/9/2021 and resume activities with some restrictions still in place.

Restrictions include 2sqm distancing rule outside, so no congregating will be allowed, masks will be mandatory and the Covid screens must be used.

The Range will open from 9am to 12noon on the 15/9/2021 and will then follow the range Calendar pending further updates.

RO’s Please check the calendar to ensure you are aware of the roster, We appreciate the support of our RO’s as well as all of our members and look forward to seeing you at the range. Please continue to follow the Covid guidelines and look out for each other.

Be Safe and check here for further updates.

Covid Update

The range will be open tomorrow Wednesday the 29th and the following weekend. Saturday is a club competition day rimfire in the morning 10am and Centerfire to follow after lunch, following that we are back to normal calendar events.

Members are reminded that covid restrictions are in place and that it is mandatory to wear a mask while indoors at the range. While shooting the barriers dividing the benches are to be used in every case. Please also observe the 1.5m rule and the maximum numbers in each area. Posters are in place as a reminder.

Stay safe and if you attend the range please do your best to make this enjoyable for those around you and easy on our volunteer Range Officers.

Covid Update

Hi everyone, well it’s been another big day and the States exposure to Covid has forced us to cancel the NSW Centerfire Championships that were set for the weekend of 3rd and 4th of July, these will be postponed and held in conjunction with the Bananacoast Centerfire Championships in August, more about that later.

If we have range officers available for the 4th of July the range will be open for normal shooting and a notification will be posted here in advance.

Please note for the safety of our members we will be open only to SSAA Coffs Harbour Branch members until further notice.