A work in progress…

Sparkies Chris and Luke from Knights Electrical celebrating a great job done.

You could be forgiven for missing the new wall linings and new ceiling in our clubhouse, it fits in so well. But I’m guessing you won’t miss the new lighting installed today!! Super low usage LED panels and a few LED downlights have transformed the room. Our club injecting the range fees back into our club facilities making it one of the best ranges in the state. Watch this space there is more to come, see you out there for a shot soon hey!

3 card rimfire shoot is back!

The popular 3 card (IRB, Hunter and Group) shoot is back, starting Saturday the 8th of June we will hold this every centerfire Saturday at 9am, generally its done by 11:30. A bit of a taster with 3 disciplines that can show some interesting results, its worth a crack.

For Sale

dogs legs not included…

Remington 700 5r Tactical in 300 Win Mag.
26” cold hammer forged steel barrel
1:10 twist
5r Rifling
H&S Precision Stock
Dual Front Swivel Stud
X Mark Pro externally adjustable trigger.
Nightforce 0 MOA Rail
Has achieved sub MOA 5 shot group with first (and only) load development run.
Fired 43 Rounds.

Transfer via Firearms dealer.

$1400 ONO Dealer transfer not included.


Dick Braithwaite 0409435279

Saturday Rimfire

Due to a slight oops a daisy we have two 100 hunter shoots in a row, so this Saturday the 11th of May we will shoot the much loved 3 target combo that being group, score (hunter) and IRB. Have a blast and shoot sweet.

Nationals 2019

Gidday everyone, just a heads up that the Centrefire Nationals will be on over the Easter weekend. So the range will be closed for general shooting while your away camping and looking for and or hiding Easter Eggs, normally the range is closed for 2 days prior for competitors to practice but this year luckily we still have our normal Wednesday morning so if you’re heading west for a hunt you can sight in then. Happy Easter everyone! Drive safe be safe and have an excellent four days away from the slog.

best place on the planet

PS the range will be closed from the 18th till the 22nd of April 2019.

Time to bust some chickens!

Sunday the 17th May Midday Rimfire is Silhouettes! yep rimfire silhouettes are finally here. Set up will start at 12 and shooting once we’re set up!

Targets: 5 chickens at 40 yards, 5 pigs at 60 yards, 5 Turkeys at 77 yards and 5 rams at the 100. You get 5 shots at each distance with a best score of 20 points per round and we have 2 rounds so best out of 40.

We can only shoot .22 lead bullets at steel targets, dont bring copper plated ammo we cant let you shoot it. No exceptions, so check your ammo is black and not gold.

Bring your rest or a bag and put it on the bench to sit your rifle on between distances, this is shot standing unless a disability means you need to sit. You can shoot lever, pump or bolt action scoped or open sights and it’s best to have a handle on your holdover, there’s a bit of difference between 40 and 100 yards with a 22.

Shooters will pair up, one shooting and one scoring rotating after each round, dont expect to be paired with your mate!

Shooters are responsible for setting up their targets, resetting their targets and for bringing them poor little shot up fellas home at days end, so if you dont wanna walk up the range and set up or help out then dont come because we’re not gonna do it for ya! ;0)

Other stuff: The club has purchased an additional 4 sets of silhouettes so we have now 6 full sets, given the irregular terrain we have also bought a bunch of pine sleepers to set the targets up on.

Lets send some chickens!!