Nationals 2019

Gidday everyone, just a heads up that the Centrefire Nationals will be on over the Easter weekend. So the range will be closed for general shooting while your away camping and looking for and or hiding Easter Eggs, normally the range is closed for 2 days prior for competitors to practice but this year luckily we still have our normal Wednesday morning so if you’re heading west for a hunt you can sight in then. Happy Easter everyone! Drive safe be safe and have an excellent four days away from the slog.

best place on the planet

PS the range will be closed from the 18th till the 22nd of April 2019.

Time to bust some chickens!

Sunday the 17th May Midday Rimfire is Silhouettes! yep rimfire silhouettes are finally here. Set up will start at 12 and shooting once we’re set up!

Targets: 5 chickens at 40 yards, 5 pigs at 60 yards, 5 Turkeys at 77 yards and 5 rams at the 100. You get 5 shots at each distance with a best score of 20 points per round and we have 2 rounds so best out of 40.

We can only shoot .22 lead bullets at steel targets, dont bring copper plated ammo we cant let you shoot it. No exceptions, so check your ammo is black and not gold.

Bring your rest or a bag and put it on the bench to sit your rifle on between distances, this is shot standing unless a disability means you need to sit. You can shoot lever, pump or bolt action scoped or open sights and it’s best to have a handle on your holdover, there’s a bit of difference between 40 and 100 yards with a 22.

Shooters will pair up, one shooting and one scoring rotating after each round, dont expect to be paired with your mate!

Shooters are responsible for setting up their targets, resetting their targets and for bringing them poor little shot up fellas home at days end, so if you dont wanna walk up the range and set up or help out then dont come because we’re not gonna do it for ya! ;0)

Other stuff: The club has purchased an additional 4 sets of silhouettes so we have now 6 full sets, given the irregular terrain we have also bought a bunch of pine sleepers to set the targets up on.

Lets send some chickens!! 

Member Details

At tonights AGM (20th February 2019) members voted to allow notice via email for future AGM’s. This was a really positive move forward as the cost of posting every member a copy of the calendar, Presidents report and Notice of AGM is really expensive and frankly money better spent on the clubs facilities.

So now more than ever its important that your email address is current and that we actually know what it is.

Here is a link to the membership page where you can update or confirm your details.

2019 AGM

Hey everyone, just a reminder that your club’s AGM is on tomorrow night Wednesday the 20th Coffs Harbour CEX at 7pm upstairs in the auditorium, all members are invited and we would love to see you there. Its a been a big year and the clubs infrastructure has improved extensively for your use, maybe just call in and say thanks to our productive committee.

Range Closed 20th Jan

Tomorrow Sunday the 20th of January our range is hosting the Interclub IRB championships, this is a 3 card Rimfire shoot each card consisting of 25 targets with a 6mm bullseye. The Interclub shoot is almost 10 years old now and attracts shooters from as far as Kooringhat to the South and Glen Innes to the west.

The range won’t be available for general shooting, please check your calendar for available days.

Range Development 2018 #3

With all of the old piers gone we had a clean slate, helpers here shown moving the blocks along the line to take some load of our bricklayers.

Liam, Ian, Rod and Alan all hard at it.

Next the bench positions were marked and holes drilled in the slab to support 16mm reo bars which where them chem-set (glued) into place.

look how straight they all are…

Everything was ready for our bricklayers who made short work of levelling everything out and standing all 60 piers, a big thanks to Dean at Lipo’s bricklaying who provided great rates then backed up and donated a day to help us place the bench tops.

Looking good boys.
well on the way.

The new pier tops are level east west and north south, providing a solid foundation for the 20 new benches.

straight and true.

Next the bench tops were man handled into position, each sits on a bed of mortar to hold it in place and aid in levelling.

Thanks to Peter for the use of his engine lifter that made handling the 250kg bench tops workable.
20 benches.

With a very positive growth in club members the extra 5 benches will make it quicker to get a shot on busy days, it also helps the club with State and National shoots which are wonderful events to host.

During this entire process the range was only unavailable to members for 3 hours, one Wednesday morning.

More work to come still many posts needed to be moved and with 20 benches you need 20 targets so new target frame and foundations came next.

22LR 200 yard FLY SHOOT

200yd Fly Target

Sunday February the 10th midday will be our first fly shoot, a 22LR Rimfire, 5 card 200yd event scored on points and group size open to 20 shooters. It will be a casual affair with no sheep stations involved, main prize being bragging rights till next time.

Range Development 2018 #2

Next the new blocks were delivered, the tricky forklift driver straddling the path to get the 2 pallets up to the firing line.

The footings were dug and formed up for new post placements.

Then knocked the first bench over, just as a test run.

It was well reinforced and took some bashing, thankfully the following benches didn’t have the same with no reo inside they were easily knocked over and just needed to be broken up and moved away.

Not many to go now….

Each benchtop (250kg) was removed and all pillars demolished to make room for 20 new benches.

More to come next week.

Range Development 2018 #1

A lot has happened in the last few months the club saw a need to increase the number of shooting benches on the line, firstly this would allow us to accomodate more members on shoot days but also allow us to continue to hold State and National shoots where competitor numbers are growing annually. The decision was made to increase the range from 15 to 20 benches. An extra 5 benches sounds easy enough but that means moving every bench to compress within the same area, it also means 5 new target frames at each distance a new gateway and heaps of new wind flags. A lot of time was taken to ensure the benches would not be too close together.

The job all started with some extra reloading benches and stools, for the extra shooters.

New reloading bench frames in progress.

new stool frames
Our Bush Chook

As this was happening the boys at HQ Concrete had been busily shaping up 20 new concrete benches in a formwork built by Andrew one of our range officers and using donated steel reinforcing from Coffs Reo.

New uniform benches ready for placement.

Over the next few weeks you will see here how it all went.